Thank you for your interest in Romeis Knives.  My name is Gordon Romeis.  I am a native of Fort Myers, Florida.  I have been married for 40 years and have 3 children.  I became interested in knives at an early age, eventually trying to build a knife as a teenager. I have been making and selling knives on a part time basis since 1977.  Each knife is hand made one at a time using the finest materials available.   Custom knives can be ordered or purchased from stock patterns.  From time to time I have knives that are completed and available for immediate sale (call or email for more information on current stock).  Most knives are ordered on a custom basis.  This site is a sampling of the designs and materials that are available.  Check out our Facebook page for many more photos of products.

 About our products: 

Standard Knives:  I make both full, tapered tang blades as well as narrow tang models.  A variety of blade steel is available, but 440C stainless is the standard.  The standard full tang knife will have a Micarta handle with either stainless steel or brass pins.  Some styles use guards or bolsters.  Those will be either stainless steel or brass.  Narrow tang knives will have either a brass or stainless steel guard.  The stainless blades will have a satin or brushed finish.  A mirror polish is available for stainless blades at additional cost. 

Damascus steel is also available.  I primarily use Alabama Damascus steel (alabamadamascussteel.com) crafted by my friend Brad Vice of Jacksonville, Alabama. This material is made by layering different types of steel and folding them into a single billet.  Typically there are (4) layers 5160, (3) layers 203E, (3) layers 52100, and (3) layers 15N20 folded 5 times for 416 damascus layers total.  The result is hard and tough. When the knife blade is completely ground and polished, it is etched with acid to bring out the pattern created by the layers of steel.  Damascus blades will rust if not properly cared for.  If you clean and oil them after use they will retain their beauty for a lifetime. 

Handle Materials:  Throughout this catalog, you will see a small sampling of the handle materials that are available.  As stated above, Micarta is the standard handle material.  It is a man-made product consisting of linen or canvas cloth bonded together in layers with phenolic resin.   The material is very tough and is impervious to moisture, blood, or detergents used for cleaning.  The cloth and resin is mixed with various dyes to provide colors including tan, black, red, maroon, green, and combinations of some of those colors.  Ivory Micarta is paper based and resembles the genuine article but at a fraction of the cost. Sambar stag horn, desert ironwood, and other natural materials are available.  Costs vary depending on the material selected. 

Sheaths:  All knives (except kitchen cutlery) have a sheath included.  Sheaths are made by me and are wet molded to the knife that they will carry.  Sheath material is 8-9 oz leather that is stitched with heavy thread.  Kydex thermo plastic is an alternative sheath material.  It can be had with a clip for your belt or molle-lok fasteners that attach to molle gear.

Custom Designs:  I make knives to customer designs or modify existing styles to meet individual needs.  I like to discuss a customer’s desires before coming up with a final design and price quote.  Delivery times vary depending on the number of orders that are pending.  I work on a first-in, first-out basis for orders.

Pricing:  I always try to provide a good value for my customers keeping quality high and costs down.  Standard models currently (July 2016) start at $150 when made with 440-C stainless and Micarta handles.  Special handle material or optional steels will increase the price.  As stated above, I work with customers to develop their ideas into a design that is what they are looking for.  At that time I can provide a quote for the knife.  If you have a question regarding a specific knife price, please feel free to call.